Phase V - Alternate Disruption Techniques

Someone owns the building where the Exploitation Parlor is housed. Whether they know it or not, this person is choosing to rent to an organization conducting illegal activities. Pressure the landlord to kick out their tenants.

Your Assignment

Contact the Exploitation Parlor building owner

  1. Uncover who owns the building and obtain their contact information. You will need to do some investigative work to figure this out. This information is available via public records, but it will take some time. See Divide the tasks up among the Citizen Core. This work is not glamorous, but it will generate a reaction.
  2. You might want to subscribe to a service like Property Shark to help identify the owners; this would make it a faster process:
  3. Send them a letter making them aware of what is happening on their property. Please see sample language here and adjust appropriately for your situation.
  4. Make law enforcement aware of the letters you are sending. Ask for their help in addressing this problem.
  5. If the landlords don’t take action against the perpetrators, turn up the heat. Publish posts on social media about what is happening in your city, and leave flyers outside the Exploitation Parlors. The articles should include the reviews posted on this site that depict the graphic exploitation of women, who owns the establishments, and contact information for the landlord. Expose them. Create a Citizen storm. People will respond.