Phase IV - Trauma Care

After you have shut down Exploitation Parlors, the women will need your help. This is a key part of Citizen action. Identify non-profits in your community who have a trauma informed approach to working with trafficking victims and preferably those who have experience working with women who have been in Exploitation Parlors.

Your Assignment

Build a relationship with an 'Aftercare' Organization

  1. Find a non-profit in your community who will help develop an aftercare plan for the women coming out of Exploitation Parlors.
  2. Inform them of what your Citizen Core is doing.
  3. Ask the best way you can ensure the women who are released are taken care of.
  4. Contact your city officials and inform them of the relationship you have built, and how they can be involved.
  5. Where appropriate, make the introduction between city officials and the shelter.
  6. Please see these websites for additional information on identifying resources for trafficking victims in your community:
    The Department of Health and Human Services Guide to Services Available to Victims of Human Trafficking.
    The National Human Trafficking Resource Center.