Phase III - Democracy at its Best

Citizens have the power to move government officials to action. The more Citizens whose voices are heard, the better. You must understand the power of city ordinances. They may sound small, but passing the right city ordinances can crush the establishments exploiting women your city. Take a look at how Johns Creek, GA shut down 11 Exploitation Parlors for illegal sexual activity by passing city ordinances. You can do the same. Be persistent, be confident, this is where the hard work truly begins.

Your Assignment

Create ordinances and meet with city government.

  1. Educate yourself. Look at this article for a step by step process outlining what ordinances are and how they get passed.
  2. After reviewing the previous article explaining how Johns Creek, GA shut down 11 parlors, please review this PDF. This document shows the ordinances they actually passed to make it happen.
  3. You will need the support of your local government for this effort to be successful. They must be your partners. Go to the website of your local government, and find out how to request a meeting with the mayor, members of the city council, and local law enforcement.
  4. Request a meeting with the mayor, members of the city council, and local law enforcement. Explain the problem of Exploitation Parlors, the number of Citizens working on this cause, and ask for their help in passing ordinances to defeat them. Share the examples from Johns Creek.
  5. Form a Citizen coalition with legitimate massage therapists in your city. You will need their help in regulating the industry in a way that won’t hinder their legitimate business. Ask them to help you develop the right ordinances that will make their business thrive and drive the Exploitation Parlors out of business.
  6. Develop a list of ordinances that can be passed by your city. Use the ordinances in step 2 from Johns Creek as a starting point. Work with the massage therapists and local government to come up with the right ordinances for your city.
  7. Work with your city council to officially propose the ordinances. Use the website in step 1 as a starting point for how this process works, but communication with your own city officials will be the key to success.
  8. Once you’ve developed and proposed the ordinances, Citizens on your team should call city officials until the ordinances are passed. Keep the pressure on.
  9. After the ordinances have been passed, Citizens should call local law enforcement, asking them to visit every Exploitation Parlor on the map with a copy of the ordinances. The visit will be the one warning the Exploitation Parlor receives before being closed for violation of the ordinances.
  10. Check on the Exploitation Parlors regularly to ensure they are shut down. If they move to a new city, invite your neighbors in the next city to become Citizens and help them go through the same process. Our goal is to leave no safe-haven for sexual exploitation.