Phase II - Exposing Evil

Did you know that sexual slavery generates more revenue than black market weapons and drugs combined? The mongers who financially profit from exploiting women do not want to be exposed. They do not want to lose their prosperous source of income. And the people who buy services from these women do not want to be exposed either. They do not want their wives, girlfriends, family, or friends to know they contribute to the systematic breakdown of a human life.

Your Assignment

Disseminate incriminating data locally and online.

  1. Print the map of Exploitation Parlors in your city and distribute it widely throughout your community.
  2. Coordinate with your Citizen Core and agree on a date and time to publish the map to your social media profiles.
  3. Look for local community groups on Facebook and publish this data on their pages.
  4. Send your city page to city officials, media, and churches. People need to know what is happening down the street.
  5. Be mindful of security as you publish this data publicly. The more people talking about it and publishing it, the better. We believe the perpetrators are weak and spineless, and will try to hide as they are exposed, but some of them might attempt to fight back. Remember that darkness cannot hide from light.