Phase I - Create Your Citizen Core

You are a warrior. As a Citizen you will fight for women stuck in a cycle of degradation and abuse - real women who have names, women who once had a life before it was stolen from them. But, you can’t do this alone. You will need companions for this journey, a team of Citizens - a Citizen Core.

Your Assignment

Achieve a Citizen Core of 3-7 people.

  1. Invite your most passionate friends who are not afraid of a hard fight to share a meal with you.
  2. Show them the map on your city page and read the reviews of what is happening to these women.
  3. Consider the following questions: What if that were you? Your daughter? Your sister? Your friend?
  4. Ask your friends to feel all of the emotions that are being stirred up right now. Ask them to not look away.
  5. Ask your friends to consider being part of your "Citizen Core." Inform them that you will follow up with more details on what's involved.
  6. The next day, send them a link to this site and ask them to review all the phases of the Citizen Action Plan.
  7. Follow up again to confirm their interest and capacity for involvement.
  8. After you’ve confirmed participation, please review Phase IV of the Citizen Action Plan on Trauma Care. This should be a consideration from the start. A member of the Citizen Core should start making aftercare plans for the victims while the rest of the team focuses on exposing and shutting down the exploitation centers.