Exploitation Parlors in Kansas City, MO

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Relax Spa

  • Address:

    715 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111

  • Buyer Review:

  • "Coco arrives and she's the scrawniest most unattractive AMT I ever saw. I flashed on Golem from Lord of the Rings. Now I wanted to bolt. But she immediately starts on my ass crack so I close my eyes and imagine Japanese porn stars. She's working my ass good, getting between the legs and grazing and teasing my balls and cock. Then I hear MMS 's voice, and Coco answers her. Then MMS comes in and covers me up with a towel! "Everything ok sir?" she asks. "They were until you came in" I told her. She tightens the towel around me and leaves. I immediately whip it off and Coco goes back to work. Then MMS 's voice again. "You ok sir?" That was it. I got up and dressed. Went out and wanted her to credit me for half hour. Told her and an older guy who was there she needed to stop interrupting. She wouldn't refund anything. I felt bad for Coco the poor hag. Tipped her and left."

    "On my way to the 810 zone to watch the Royals game with some buddies . When I saw this place on the right hand side. When I came in only Ruby was available, She led me to the room where I quickly got undressed and got on the table naked. She asked if I wanted a towel to cover up but I told her no. She smiled at me then began the massage. It started out legit but once she got to my ass it quickly turned into seduction. Her soft touch felt intensely arousing yet somewhat torturous. Her touch was driving me crazy yet I couldn't get enough.Finally, as I continued wiggling my crotch she reached under me and grabbed my cock. She started stroking me as I was still on my belly but I didn't object. As she stroked me she ran her finger along my ass and even teased sticking it it. Finally I couldn't hold back and I shot a huge load into her hands. She continued playing with my cock as I came down from my orgasm, then ran her cum covered finger down my ass again. As got a hot towel and cleaned me up. I was a little late to watch the game but Ruby was so worth it."

Golden Star

  • Address:

    18011 E. Hwy 24 Suite A-7, Kansas City, MO 64055

  • Buyer Reviews:

  • "It's really tough to have find a decent rub and tug shop in the KC metro area. Even where I live in Overland Park, most of them are cock teasing cunts in Olathe. Had to come here and check it out. So the lady in the front, is tough. She doesn't like you asking many questions, I get that, but doesn't have to be rude about it. Just paid and got to the room. The Chinese girl came in and I asked her what her name was. She did say, but it was in Chinese I think. I asked her again, kinda got it, but it's hard to remember foreign names. Anyways, the 30 minute massage was good. I was able to tease her and she teased me right back. Straight up rub and tug shop here. Have fun with her, she can't speak much english, and you can have fun with her body. She won't go as far as CBJ or FS , but she give a mean HJ . Great service, bitchy MMS . But yeah, I'll be coming back."

    "I came to this MP , because I heard it was a great place for a nice relaxing rub and tug. I paid MMS in the front and Mary brought me to my room in the back. This MP is really clean and I also noticed the room smell nice. Mary begins to give me a very therapeutic back massage. Something I don't see normally is a provider with several different lotions and oils. I can tell she takes her job very seriously. She starts to give me a back massage and it was amazing. I could not complain about a single thing. Then, when she had me flip over, I was sporting one hell of a woodie. It was just one of those things I could not control at all. I talked to her about giving me a HJ , because I did not want to pressure her or feel like she had to. She was totally okay with that and she started to use more of her oils. This lady is terrific and everything she does, because she had me to a mind blowing orgasm in a few minutes. I was so happy with the entire experience that I scheduled another appointment on my way out. It is very rare to find a provider that you connect with and you can have a good time with. If she has more services on the menu, I am definitely going to take full advantage of them."