Exploitation Parlors in Denver, CO

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  • Address:

    8700 W Colfax Ave, Suite A

  • Buyer Review:

  • "It's between Coco, who's old, or between the MMS , who's ANCIENT. Your choice. I went with Coco, who, even in her fifties, looked like she was still in her early-forties. Very friendly, and VERY willing. I'm guessing with her experience and age, she doesn't waste very much time with the back and forth game you usually play with first-time providers. In the table shower, she does all the questioning, and with every right answer, she teases me more and more. While she's got a finger in my ass, she bends over, and pops my wet dick into her warm mouth, frothing her tongue around my cock, and sucking wildly for a few minutes, before washing me off again, and drying me down. Brings me into the room, strips me of my towel, and commands me to get on all fours, where she sucks and kiss my asshole, while jerking me off, then promptly sits on my face for some DATY . I drown in her nectar; for a woman in her fifties, this kitty was one helluva self-lubricator. Sits back on my erect pole a few minutes later, and fucks my brains out. I put her in doggy, and beat her pussy with my thumb in her ass...like I said, there's almost nothing this woman will say "no" to. On top of that, she finishes me off with a BBBJ (also gave me one in the TS ), and lets me CIM , no questions asked. I watch my semen pour down her throat like a slow-motion waterfall, which she promptly gobbles up greedily, then cleans off the tip of my dick with her mouth. Dirty, old slut. Can't wait to see her again. Almost certain she offers BBFS ..."

    "Okay, it's been several months since I paid Hou a visit. For those of you that have been there, nothing's really changed. A smaller strip centre on Colfax that you can actually enter through the back, just cut through a parking lot entrance off the side street and through a paved space between the buildings. I park in relative seclusion from the road next to the Hou building. I found it rather strange that there were a bunch of homeless people living in the field behind the building - they even had a tent pitched. I was told that they are relatively harmless. CoCo is the only one that works here."

    "It's been a long time since I last saw CoCo and she has put on even more weight. She's pretty heavy now, but the same ole CoCo. If you know her, she likes to joke around and tell stories. She asked where I've been and I told her I've just been busy and don't get out her way. Many have asked for a description of CoCo. I would estimate that she's probably 5'2" and 170 lbs. - like I said she's put on extra weight. She has shoulder length hair that she sometimes pulls up into two ponytails - trying to look a bit younger. She does over do the make up a bit and wears some funky older lady type outfits (normally dress type outfit with a skirt and old lady underwear). She had surgery a couple years ago and has scars, as a result so she doesn't like to strip down. Based on her stories about all the places she's worked (California, Tacoma, Chicago, Florida, Hawaii, etc.) and her growing up in Seoul and coming to the US, I would guess that she has to be in her 50's. It's hard to explain what she looks like, but she is not model material, not a spinner and not really a MILF. She looks more like a Korean granny that doesn't want to age. I still like her personality and she really gets into her work. YMMV . I gave her 4 stars since I like her and she's one horny old lady. I called ahead and dropped by in the early afternoon. She said I was the first customer of the day. She said that things have been slow. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she probably needed to lose a few pounds and recruit some younger talent. She showed me to the room and told me to Get Comfortable - didn't even ask for the door fee since she knew me. She gave me a good TS and sent me to the sauna to dry off. I heard someone come to the front door when I was in the sauna and she told them to come back later. Back to the room where she started with a pressure type massage - more pushing and rubbing than a massage. She seemed lonely and asked me a lot of questions about where I've been, if I've been going other places, what I've been doing, have I been going to Chinese spas, etc. I gave her causal responses without giving her a lot of information. She told me about the homeless people, her landlord and shared that business has been slow, etc. On the flip she gave a long BBBJ and I fingered her (2 digits) until she was dripping wet. She was so horny and wanted to do me right there, jumping off the table and bending over Doggie while telling me to stick it in. I pounded her good and hard. She reached down and rubbed her pussy to an O. I had her flip and pounded her MS and finally pulled out asking for a CIM finish. Pulled the cover off and put my meat in her mouth, but she wouldn't let me CIM . Instead, I busted all over her chest and the table and floor. Rinsed off, got dressed and was shown out the back door. CoCo is not for everyone, but she's a decent piece and really gets into it."

River Spa

  • Address:

    2260 S Quebec St #3, Denver, CO 80231

  • Buyer Reviews:

  • "It's all about putting up a good act. These girls aren't willing to lose all of your $$$, so if they seem too resilient on taking a fat tip; just pretend to you're going to walk out. I did so, and Yumi turned into putty in my hands, basically begging me not to go, lol. There was also a Kim working here, but she wasn't very attractive. Plump, with a protruding belly, and a face with way too much makeup. Yumi, on the other hand, had an average frame for her body, and a pretty cute ass. Face also had a bit too much make-up (some smeared during the fucking), but it was definitely a lot more bearable than Kim. The massage parlor is about as typical as it can get. Nothing special, but it is clean and spacious. Each room offers a decent amount of privacy, but if you ask me; the walls are too thin. Tables are over-sized, and they have an option of non-scented and scented oils. I obviously opted for the non-scented, since I've got a very suspicious s/o. The massage started at the top of my back, moved up to my scalp, and then to my shoulders. The pressure withered away as time passed, and by the time she got to my lower back, I was fully and thoroughly unimpressed. She does a bit of teasing on the backside...sliding her fingers between my crack, and giving me a slight dick massage under me, when I raise my hips in the air. After that, everything pretty much went as smooth as can be. She turns me over by the 20 minute mark, and asks me what I'd like, after asking me a few, brief questions to determine if I was LE or not. She grabs a condom (my own), and slides it on my dick, after massaging it to an erection. Sucks the tip of my dick; her mouth is hot and her tongue is sensual, running across all the sensitive spots. Goes from a light BJ to a full-on, DT session. Amazing at sucking dick, this one. Then I finger her for a few minutes, trying to warm her up, before diving in. She's actually a lot tighter than you'd expect from a SP at an FS MP . I have a tough time squeezing two fingers inside of her, but get her nice and elastic for my cock. She lays back on the table, and I throw her legs behind my shoulders. Then I proceed to ram her like a wrecking ball. Giving her no mercy, I thrust long and hard, until I see her eyes roll to the back of her head, and her pussy starts sounding like I'm taking a hammer to a ripe tomato. She's quite easy to please, cumming at least twice, by the time I turn her over into doggy. Her asshole has a little silvery puddle of her pussy nectar, and I clean it out with my tongue, while drilling my tongue into her ass for a few seconds. Then I put my lovestick into her honeypot, and thrash and smash that pussy into submission, until I finally pop. A little bit of spanking is encouraged. Some dirty-talk, but her English isn't too good, and she mostly only seems to know, "GOOD, GOOD!", as well as "YOU CUM FOR ME NOW!", lol. About a 40 minute session...I found no issue with any of Yumi's service, except for the fact that she might be able to enhance her service my brushing her teeth...that breath was fucking killer. Smelled kind of like something got stuck between her teeth twenty years ago, and has been rotting since. Very enthusiastic, energetic service though; stinky breath or not...I have to recommend her."

    "Next to a carniceria, gas station, and dispensary, so you can get high, eat, and gas up after your visit! If you're shy about being seen walking into a dodgy massage parlor, this isn't the place for you. The front room looks like a dilapidated jail entrance, so you know you're at the right place."

    "Well, the actual massage was crap, but who cares?! mamasan came to the front room to get me, asked if it was my first time-- I told her I had been here before but that it had been awhile. Mentioned the old name of the place and that seemed to convince her. I was taken to a room, paid the mamasan the house fee, and started to undress. Immediately "Sue" came into the room in a sexy dress and barefoot. She stared at me while I disrobed, yet another good sign that I was in the right place. I was friendly, jokey, and flirtatious with the staff and they seemed to enjoy it and were comfortable around me. Sue led me to the back for a table shower and there was plenty of teasing, complimenting, and some decent tugging. She dried me off and led me back to the private room. She never bothered to cover me in any way (another good sign). After a half-assed massage we got down to business. I asked for FS and she quoted a price range. We agreed, I paid, and she left the room. When she came back she started sucking my balls and gave me a BBBJ which turned into a CBJ . She then asked what position I preferred and I said K9 . She took it well and I played with her tits the whole time, except for some light choking, which seemed to dig. I exploded in the Hat and she cleaned me up and walked me out. Mission accomplished."