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Human trafficking is happening in your backyard

Each pin on the map below represents an Exploitation Parlor fronting as a Massage Parlor.

Data last updated June 2019.

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Human trafficking does not just happen overseas; it is happening right here in your backyard. In the same strip mall where you take your daughter to ballet or where you get your haircut, women are being sold and enslaved. By joining the ranks of Citizen Mead, you will move beyond advocacy to action by dismantling these Exploitation Parlors fronting as Massage Parlors once and for all. You don’t have to be an expert, we require only persistence and courage.

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Is This Really a Problem?

“These are just willing prostitutes,” or “These are legitimate massage businesses with some rogue employees” are just a few of the false messages we have grown accustomed to. The perpetrators of the Illicit Massage industry have a significant financial stake in human trafficking, and they have been all too effective in using false messages to hide the truth in plain sight. The truth is that women are enslaved through sophisticated debt bondage that exploits their ignorance and fear. These are not willing prostitutes and this industry didn’t occur by accident.

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